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Where does a parquet floor fit?

Come from:LINYI LIREN WOOD CO.,LTD Date:2018/12/24 Click:5604
Tips:At present, a kind of parquet floor with different colours and tree species, concrete or abstract patterns in wood and decorative sense has become the mainstream of the wood floor market.
At present, wood parquet floor with different colours and woo species, concrete or abstract patterns in wood and decorative sense has become the mainstream of the wood floor market. Depending on the changeable and colorful patterns, exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable design of personality, it quietly changes the stiff and indifferent impression that the floor once left on people. On the popular T-stage, it takes an all-round approach. The new posture blossoms to the fullest --- this is the patchwork floor.
The floor is no less important than any other decoration in the room. The mosaic wood flooring now designed and produced is mostly made of multi-layer solid wood flooring. At the same time, different kinds of wood color and texture are used to stitch up various shapes and patterns, so as to achieve different decorative effects. Some patterns even require more than 20 different timber splicing, the process is very complex. Experts on wood flooring in the production of mosaic, all manual collage, to ensure that every inch is natural and beautiful. Because there are many different types of wood used in the mosaic, they have different characteristics and properties, so the wood concentrate forest will use their rich wood experience to make them fit and fit each other. Parquet flooring originated hundreds of years ago in the Baroque period of Europe. Palace aristocrats decorated walls and floors with magnificent patterns of natural wood bark in different colors in palaces and private houses. It was the exclusive product of nobles and rich people.
The pattern on the surface of the parquet solid wood flooring is designed and patched, because its shape is very artistic and has its own personality. It can even be designed according to the needs of users. It is very suitable for the decoration style with strong artistic sense or luxury. In the relatively large living room, we can design and pave the same series of monolithic and composite patchwork floors in front of the TV cabinet in the living room, the bedside of the bedroom, the middle of the dining room and the porch. The patterns are sparse and elegant, which not only reflects the style, but also makes the living room elegant and flexible. For some smaller rooms, you can consider choosing a relatively open and eye-catching location, paving a single piece or a group of patchwork floors, the meaning of "painting the finishing touch" is obvious, such as the villa that patchwork solid wood flooring is your best choice. Such as hall, background wall, bedroom, study, etc.
Following the needs of consumers in the current market, the parquet flooring of wood flooring can be divided into parquet solid wood flooring, parquet solid wood composite flooring and parquet reinforced composite flooring. Parquet solid wood flooring is made of precious tree species. The price is high, and pure solid wood is not easy to maintain. The price of parquet solid wood composite flooring and parquet reinforced flooring is lower, which can meet the needs of more users.